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Franchise Investor in India Looking to Invest in Food & Beverage and Facility

Management Businesses Upto INR 15 lakh
Name, Phone, Email: Available after connect
Company Available: after connect

Professional Summary:
My position is heavily focused on business metrics, reporting and analytics directly in contrast to the administrative roots of the industry.

Transaction Preference:
Taking up a Franchise / Distributorship / Sales Agency

Investment Size: Between 10 lakh – 15 lakh INR

Investment Criteria:

Integrated facility management (Hard – Tower or high raised Building maintenance and Soft services – Cleaning, house keeping, catering & support staffs, home food delivery and outsourced manpower.

Sector Preference: Facility Management, Catering, Food & Beverage, Food Delivery

Recent Activity: Earlier than 15 days
Connected with Firm offering cleaning services to commercial and residential clients having completed 200+ projects to date.
Earlier than 15 days
Accepted a proposal from Web development company serving 30 – 40 clients per month seeks funding.
Earlier than 15 days
Business sent a proposal to the Investor / Buyer

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